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Capt. Charles Henry Coe.

 Mr. Coe was born in Torrington, Conn., Feb 3, 1856, he died in Jupiter Fl, March 23, 1954. He did moor in his 98 years than most people do in two life times. The banner is of him on his 30ft boat the Buccaneer, West Palm Beach Fl, 1943. He was first and formost a news paper man, starting at the age of 12, working for the Appleton Times. Later he started The Florida Star 1877. He launched his next paper The Highlands Star 1890. His book, Red Patriots the Seminole story 1898, was used it to fight for there land rights in Fl and won them. Coe worked for the government in the printers office as a compositor, for over 30 years. He spent over 30 years as an amateur archaeologist, exploring the east coast of Florida. He wrote a few books, hundreds of articles in magazines & newspapers.

Living history talk
At river bend park
               William H.Coe                              Headstone  dedication     10.21.2015


        Living history talk           NSB Museum of history


The Coe family history.

  This is the replacment hedstone, for his father William Coe. It was lost 121 years ago, after he was moved a few times. After a year of research, i discovered the location of William Coe in plot # 84. It took a year of saving, to replace it. Capt. Coes headstone is next.

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